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Underground Pizza Review by Kapn Bone

 For Our 1st Review we give Pappagallos 7.5 Pepperoni's for their Small extra cheese pizza!
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Pappagallos! Serving Brevard County since 1990...

Pappagallo's Pizza and More....
1769 Highway A1A
Satellite Beach, FL

It’ Kapn’ Bone here, Buddha and I welcome you to “The Underground Pizza Patrol!

 For ages mankind has been set up as follows; the women are the nesters and the men are the hunter-gathers.  So we get back to modern times a simple act is preformed daily. Can you pick up a Pizza on the way home? But unfortunately it’s not so easy. When you get home and open the box, a lot of times your surprised what’s inside. We are here from Surfguru to end that surprise and for the next couple of months will give you the inside on the best Pizza In Brevard County.

Our criteria is simple we will grade everyone on an even playing field. Buy ordering the same thing a small extra cheese pizza. Using the “Sliding Pepperoni Scale” we will award 1 Pepperoni to 10 Pepperoni and of course 10 being the best. Here are some other things on the list:

How long will it take to order and leave with your Pizza?

Size matters!

Real Pizza sauce or is it tomato paste?

Is that a crust or a Frisbee?

Cheese Please. Real or pasteurized, skim or processed?

How much dough for the dough?

With a little help from Buddha I think we can do this. Watch for his Tweet’s and come out and have a slice with us “The Underground Pizza Patrol”!
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