Cape Canaveral Surf Report

1 day ago
Lighter winds next 2 days and waist to chest+ swell Mon. And dropping on Tues. Wed. Sw wind's and leftovers in the AM
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uv index
A Few Clouds
A Few Clouds
NA° air
82 ° water
07:23 AM Sunrise
06:52 PM Sunset
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North Wind Direction
East Swell Direction
North @ 0mph

Cape Canaveral Surf Forecast

1 day ago
Mon. Lighter wind and NE swell semi clean...Tues. Light E winds and dropping surf! Long period swell if ya wait! Right tides. Wed. Leftover's in the AM, SW winds picking up..End of this last swell. Ne wind's a coming...
Mon 10/14 - Tue 10/15 Waist to chest+ set's. Light East winds next 2 days and fading away ground swell by late Tues. East wind's and waist+ set's dropping off swell.

Cape Canaveral Buoys

Cape Canaveral Nearshore (41113)
Swell: 1.6 FT @ 13 SEC
Wind:N/A @ N/A - N/A MPH
Air / Water Temp: N/A° F / 82° F
Oculina Bank North, FL (41116)
Swell: N/A FT @ N/A SEC
Wind:N/A @ N/A - N/A MPH
Air / Water Temp: N/A° F / N/A° F
Fort Pierce, FL (41114)
Swell: 3 FT @ 12 SEC
Wind:N/A @ N/A - N/A MPH
Air / Water Temp: N/A° F / 82° F
+ spectra details
Tuesday, October 15 Wednesday, October 16 Thursday, October 17 Friday, October 18 Saturday, October 19 Sunday, October 20 Monday, October 21
10s 10s 10s 10s 10s 9s 9s 9s 9s 9s 9s 9s 9s 9s 9s 9s 9s 3s 5s 6s 6s 9s 9s 9s 9s 9s 9s 9s
East East East East East East East East East East East East East East East ESE ESE ESE East ESE East ESE ESE ESE ESE ESE ESE ESE
bkn bkn bkn bkn tsra10 tsra30 tsra30 tsra30 shra20 shra30 tsra30 tsra30 nra20 tsra20 tsra30 nra30 ntsra40 tsra40 tsra50 nra50 nra40 shra40 shra50 nra50 nra30 shra30 shra30 nra30
74° 80° 84° 83° 75° 81° 86° 87° 74° 82° 84° 82° 71° 69° 80° 76° 74° 73° 81° 79° 77° 77° 84° 80° 77° 77° 85° 80°
3mph 7mph 8mph 9mph 7mph 13-17mph 14-18mph 14-18mph 5mph 7mph 8mph 9mph 5mph 7mph 7mph 6mph 7mph 8mph 10mph 7mph 9mph 8mph 9mph 10mph 9mph 9mph 10mph 9mph
02:52 AM 0.60 ft Low
09:13 AM 4.54 ft High
03:15 PM 0.94 ft Low
09:21 PM 4.28 ft High
03:26 AM 0.60 ft Low
09:52 AM 4.50 ft High
03:51 PM 1.02 ft Low
09:58 PM 4.18 ft High
04:02 AM 0.63 ft Low
10:34 AM 4.42 ft High
04:29 PM 1.13 ft Low
10:37 PM 4.08 ft High
04:43 AM 0.68 ft Low
11:18 AM 4.31 ft High
05:13 PM 1.24 ft Low
11:21 PM 3.98 ft High
05:31 AM 0.76 ft Low
12:08 PM 4.20 ft High
06:05 PM 1.34 ft Low
12:13 AM 3.90 ft High
06:28 AM 0.84 ft Low
01:05 PM 4.12 ft High
07:08 PM 1.38 ft Low
01:14 AM 3.88 ft High
07:34 AM 0.89 ft Low
02:07 PM 4.12 ft High
08:17 PM 1.32 ft Low

cape canaveral surf break information

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Annette Gregory

Annette Gregory

Oct 03, 2019 Hey there,

It’s good to see the camera lens cleaned up! Thank you ! Missed the surf two weeks ago while visiting Cocoa. Too many storms out there and no one was surfing those days!


Oct 22, 2013 This site is simply GREAT- I always check before driving over from ST. Cloud/Orlando
Also great to see Rusty's as a Sponsor--- I actually went in last week and had 6 wings,6 lightly steamed oysters- (Were huge) and 2 coldies--- during HH. Was less than 10.00 I believe--
Always enjoyed Rusty's have come there after late night Fishing and Gambling boat cruises- Good fun-Great food.
Hey Now.


Sep 05, 2012 Best EC FL Surf site EVER! I want to support by clicking on ad sites, but don't see any. Need some help getting sponsors?

I will work on it this week.

~Clair (CB/CNVRL Beach Bum since 1964)