Why don't the friggin' cams work????help.gif

Even the best technology can have a glitch now and again.  

Have Patience
Sometimes the cams take a couple seconds to buffer the stream especially on mobile devices that have a weak signal or older computers and phones. If you think the waves are good, just remember that there are a few hundred other people that are thinking the same thing and want to look at the cams too.

Try this first
90% of the time if the cams are not working all you need to do is clear your cache and restart your browser or device. This if often the case when there is a black screen after an Ad or the streams cut out or do not play.  Check out this article on how to clear your browser’s cache. https://kb.iu.edu/d/ahic​

All you need to clear is your cached files and cookies. You do not need to delete things like saved passwords or your history. The reason for this is sometimes a browser will hold on to old cam data and settings.  SurfGuru updates constantly to give you the latest condiitons and Cam image previews.  Old files will not work properly with the new data being sent by the website and the player gets confused. Deleting the old files allows your browser to get the latest data and display the cams and website properly.

Ad Blockers

If you are running an Ad blocker please disable it on SurfGuru.  Firstly, our website is paid for by the short Ads before our streams and the Ads on the Page.  Without them we cannot pay our bills and will no longer be able to provide the Surf Cams we have been working so hard to maintaine since 1996.  Secondly some of these Ad blockers will block the entire video stream when attempting to block the Prerole ad.   For instructions on how to disable your ad blocker and support SurfGuru check out these instructions.  https://globalnews.ca/pages/disable-ad-blocker/

Are you talking on the Phone?
Many newer phones will not allow you to watch our camera streams while talking.  If you are talking on your phone and try to watch a stream it wil play 1 second or so of the pre advertisement then stop.  This is built into the phone's OS and there is nothing we can do from this end to stop it.

Try a different Browser

Desktop - If the cams are not working try the page in a different internet browser like Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox. We support all major browsers with our HTML5 player.

Mobile - We support most mobile browsers but recommend Chrome or Safari.

Why are the controls so slow?
The live stream takes a few seconds to get across the internet to the servers and to your device. When you chose a cam position the camera moves right away but the video of the new location takes a few seconds to actually make it to you.


If all else fails, contact us and we will do our best to get the cams working for you!

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