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Miami Beach Surf Report

2 days ago
FRIDAY...Be ready...
SeaSpecs Extreme Surfing Sunglasses
uv index
Mostly Cloudy
Mostly Cloudy
61° air
84 ° water
06:39 AM Sunrise
05:31 PM Sunset
Miami-Dade County Florida Surfing Locations%>
NW Wind Direction
ENE Swell Direction
NW @ 10-17mph

Miami Beach Surf Forecast

2 days ago
Wed. Swell continues! Waist to bigger sets! Light winds turning SE , then S then West during the day on Thurs. NE swell and Offshore winds!! Could be some good size sets! Fri. NW winds and N swell. Be ready...
Wed 11/14 - Thu 11/15 Light winds to SE winds later in the day! Waist + sets. Thurs. NE swell and shifting winds to offshore and swell...

Miami Beach Buoys

Cape Canaveral Nearshore (41113)
Swell: 2.3 FT @ 8 SEC
Water Temp: 80° F
Oculina Bank North, FL (41116)
Swell: NA FT @ NA SEC
Water Temp: 85° F
+ spectra details
Friday, November 16 Saturday, November 17 Sunday, November 18 Monday, November 19 Tuesday, November 20 Wednesday, November 21 Thursday, November 22
5s 5s 3s 3s 3s 4s 3s 3s 4s 4s 4s 4s 3s 3s 3s 3s 9s 10s 9s 9s 8s 8s 8s 8s 8s 8s 8s 8s
East East ESE ESE SE ESE ESE East East East ESE ESE East East East East NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE NE
sct sct few few sct sct sct sct sct sct sct sct nsct sct sct nbkn nbkn bkn bkn nbkn nsct sct sct nsct nsct hi_shwrs10 hi_shwrs30 nra30
54° 63° 67° 68° 57° 71° 76° 75° 65° 77° 79° 78° 68° 66° 77° 71° 67° 65° 76° 70° 66° 64° 76° 70° 67° 65° 76° 71°
12-15mph 13-17mph 15-20mph 12-16mph 6mph 10-14mph 10-14mph 12-16mph 3mph 7mph 7mph 7mph 5mph 6mph 6mph 10mph 7mph 10mph 10mph 10mph 8mph 10mph 12mph 13mph 9mph 10mph 10mph 10mph
NW NNW North North NNW NNE NE NE NNE East East East North North North NNE North North NNE NNE North North NNE NNE NE NNE NE NE
01:39 AM 2.13 ft High
08:11 AM 0.85 ft Low
02:10 PM 2.24 ft High
08:48 PM 0.84 ft Low
02:40 AM 2.17 ft High
09:07 AM 0.82 ft Low
03:04 PM 2.27 ft High
09:37 PM 0.71 ft Low
03:37 AM 2.27 ft High
09:58 AM 0.75 ft Low
03:55 PM 2.33 ft High
10:22 PM 0.54 ft Low
04:30 AM 2.40 ft High
10:45 AM 0.65 ft Low
04:43 PM 2.41 ft High
11:04 PM 0.36 ft Low
05:19 AM 2.54 ft High
11:29 AM 0.54 ft Low
05:29 PM 2.49 ft High
11:46 PM 0.18 ft Low
06:06 AM 2.68 ft High
12:12 PM 0.43 ft Low
06:14 PM 2.56 ft High
12:27 AM 0.02 ft Low
06:52 AM 2.80 ft High
12:56 PM 0.35 ft Low
06:59 PM 2.62 ft High

miami beach surf break information

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Sep 30, 2013 On a good note pretty good little waves


Aug 28, 2013 Hey brother we need to remind all the US surfers that they travel all over Spanish countries and there is Latin surfers all over the world including Florida so if you go to another Latin country and you don't get treated well remember how you acted here just a surfers reminding you Deerfield and boca


Mar 09, 2013 1400 hours.. 3 to 4 feet and very very poor shape. NE wind on it and the tide sucks


Nov 09, 2012 Hi everyone thanks for your support! got new cams coming, also anyone have a location palm bch deerfield area... we need another one or 2 down south..thanks Buddha


Nov 08, 2012 Surf at high tide 1-3 feet and fair to poor conditions. if u can go surfing anyway it is definitely ridable on a short board. This report is for South Point