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UnderGround Pizza Patrol Puzino's Satellite Bch

This week Buddha and I visited Puzino’s. Owner Richey Puzino has been at it for four years now and after trying out his small extra cheese Pizza we know why. The pie was cooked well, nice crisp crust. The cheese was a quality shredded mozzarella and plenty of it. And since size matters this baby was huge! Along with friendly service and the free garlic knots that he threw in we had to give him 7 1/2 pepperoni’s.

Puzino’s is located at 1107 South Patrick Drive in Satellite Beach.
Open 7 days a week Mon-Fri 11am till 9pm Sat.12 noon till 9pm and Sunday 4pm till 8pm.
Their phone number for free delivery is 321-777-4744.

So go check out Puzino’s and tell Richey that Kapn’ Bone sent you!
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