Lorraine Guthrie

Lorraine Guthrie

Favorite Haunts: Sebastian Inlet, Melbourne Beach, Wabasso

To most of you, Lorraine Guthrie is known simply as "Mama G".

To family, friends and the fifth grade students at Treasure Coast Elementary in Sebastian, this dynamo behind the lens is better known as Lorraine Guthrie (or Mrs. Guthrie to the young 'ens).  

"I am a teacher, so I generally work from 8 to 5," she says. "Unless there's waves. Then, I take off as early as I can to hit up the beach."

Mama G is actually Mama to four kids: Daniel 29, Matt 27, Jesse 23, and Marissa, 19: surfers all of course.

"(The nickname) 'Mama G' came from the surfers who are friends with my kids," she says. "They're all 'my kids' when we're at the beach. They started calling me Mama G and it stuck."  

Married to "Papa G," her husband Glenn, for the past 34 years, Lorraine grew up in Palm Beach County before relocating to Indian River.

"I surfed at EL DUB, Boynton, Lantana area," she says. "My sister got me into surfing. Her first board was a converted airplane wing and weighed 40 pounds."

In her younger days, Mama G could be seen tackling the swells as a competitor in the ESA.

"I really enjoy getting a good shot of anyone," she explains. "The feeling is similar to actually riding the wave to me." 

Mama G adds that Steve Terry and Don Eggert have been great mentors to her along her photographic journeys.

"(They) are amazingly nice photographers who have been so helpful and kind to me.  I couldn't be doing this if it weren't for them."

Apart from the joys of seeing her children, and students, grow, Mama G truly loves her sideline craft.

"I love it when someone walks up to me on the beach and thanks me, or says they enjoy my shots. What a thrill! Thanks Buddha for the opportunity to share my passion with others."

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