International Surf Day Party at The Monkey Bar in Indialantic

Presented by Eastern Surf Magazine and Kulcha Shok Muzik

Break out your celebratory hats and kazoos! Thanks to the Surfrider Foundation who first founded the day 10 years ago, the Governor and Cabinet of the State of Florida have signed a resolution declaring June 20th this year as International Surfing Day. This year Eastern Surf Magazine and Kulcha Shok Muzik presented an ISD party with free admission, which was held at The Monkey Bar in Indialantic on Friday night. Those who attended the event celebrated the night with raffles, billiards, cold beer, and live music while I got the opportunity to mingle with the locals.

While drinking a brew with Dustin Adams, an amployee from Oceansports World, I asked him to explain to me just how much fun he was having. Without missing a beat he continued to sway back and forth to the music and excitedly shouted, “I am having one-hundred and ten percent irie fun!” Now granted that Dustin had about 2 Redbulls within the hour, it was easy for anyone to see and feel the positive vibes amongst the crowd. The mixture of good music from Lanco-O, Fresh Squeeze, Adam Azar Acoustic, and Skeleton Keg Party serenading you while surf films played on every television in the bar was the perfect way to end the day.

The Surfrider Foundation Sebastian Inlet Chapter continued the celebration on Sunday June 22 at Paradise Beach. The beautifully sunny day began with a beach cleanup in the morning followed by food, drinks, and live music. Space Coast Surf Camp was also providing free surf lessons for anyone who wanted to learn.

Today, International Surfing Day has grown to over 140 separate events in more than 20 countries and has helped to unify surf enthusiasts from all over the world. With each other’s help we are able to protect the beach and ocean environments so that we can continue to do what we love - surf.

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International Surf Day Party at The Monkey Bar in Indialantic
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