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ESA NCFL Contest #1 - New Smyrna Beach Inlet May 15, 2010

Story/Photos By ren

ESA North Central Florida Contest #1- New Smyrna Beach Inlet, New Smyrna Beach

May 15, 2010
Let the Games Begin!!!

Well the ESA season started with not so much a bang due to the meager waves on offer, but started nonetheless.

The waves rolled in with 2 to 3 foot faces. They were just kind of gutless and mushy (you know you’re in trouble when the groms are slapping fish all over the place).

Despite the less than ideal conditions the contestants made the waves look way better than what they were—something I realized as I floundered around in the surf after I left the contest.
Check out the video and photos.
Next event- ESA NCFL Contest #2- Flagler Pier August 14th.
   1. Carlton Ranson
   2. Jackson Anderson
   3. Clayton Dubrule
   4. Tyler Baker
   5. Taber Baker
   6. Taven Smith
   1. Susannah Shine
   2. Lorna Schaefer
   3. Lily Whatley
   4. Arianna Melendez
   5. Jordan Kosmas
   6. Nat Varano
1A Boys:
   1. Marshall Hughes
   2. Logan McCarthy
   3. Nikita Pandelos
   4. John Baker
   5. Aydin Every
   6. Landon Wilson
3A Boys:
   1. Daniel Glenn
   2. Cobie Gittner
   3. Tyler Newsome
   4. Caleb Goepfort
   5. Christian Sprinkle
   6. Matthew Glenn
Jr. Women:
   1. Hunter Douglas
   1. Kate Whatley
   2. Natalie Glenn
   3. Suzanne Varano
   4. Joscelyn Smith
   5. Heather Wilcox
1A Jr. Men:
   1. Zach Hillier
   2. Josh Smith
   3. Jimmie Cuminsky
   4. Jacob Cummings
   5. Ryan Nicholas
3A Jr. Men:
   1. Jerry Schaefer
   2. Nate Colburn
   3. Cole Gittner
   4. Justin Hill
   5. Cody Convery
   6. Eric Snowden
   1. Bernie Boehm
   2. Jared Gurtis
   3. Allen McChancey
   4. Kellen Smith
   5. Dylan Cummings
   1. Jeff Lastinger
   2. Eric Worley
   3. Todd Frazier
   4. Dan Norris
   5. Trevor Norris
   6. Ryan Marks
Sr. Men:
   1. Les Carrithers
   2. Frank Gilday
   3. Steve Dailey
   4. Otis Pruitt
   5. Shane Smith
   6. Gene Varano
Grand Masters:
   1. Jay Smith
   2. Bill Whatley
   3. Gnarley Charley
   4. Steve Helmuth
   5. Eddie Clement
   6. Bill Hayes
   1. Doug Marsh
   2. Robert Ache
   3. Stan Dorfman
   4. Marilyn Austin
Grand Legends:
   1. George Alford
   2. Russ Atwell
Women LB:
   1. Suzanne Varano
   2. Hannah Reynolds
   3. Natalie Glenn
   4. Heather Wilcox
   5. Nat Varano
Jr. Men LB:
   1. Daniel Glenn
   2. Jacob Cummings
   3. Dylan Cummings
   4. Jimmie Cuminsky
   5. JJ Ellis

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