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jacksonville beach pier surf cam & jacksonville beach surf report

Surf Guru Florida Surf Forecastaudio surf report

71° air
78 ° water
06:25 AM Sunrise
08:20 PM Sunset
Duval County Florida Surfing Locations%>
WSW Wind Direction
SSE Swell Direction
WSW @ 5mph

jacksonville beach surf report

Swami [05/26 8AM] Light NE to E wind's thru Sat. then S to SW winds 10+ mph. Not Much! Tiny shore pound, maybe a bump low tide. Freddie.
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uv index 11

jacksonville beach surf forecast

Swami [05/26 8AM] Ne to E wind's Fri. and Sat. 10mph. or less. Super small NE bump/shore pound, not much. Sun. SW winds return and not much for next 2 days! Bump right tides only...Swami.
[Fri 5/26 - Sat 5/27] NE to E winds 10mph. or less. Right tides maybe a bump...
[Sun 4/1] 75 sec. period, 14 to 16ft. on da faces, outside reefs will be showing big swell...Vince...Just kidding, more info coming for the weekend...Swami...

jacksonville beach buoys

Fernandina Beach
1.6 FT @ 4 SEC
Grays Reef
2.3 FT @ 4 SEC
Oculina Bank North, FL
2.0 FT @ 8 SEC
  NDBC Station ID: 41112
  Wind: NA @ NA - MPH
  Air Temp: NA° F
  Water Temp: 78° F
  NDBC Station ID: 41008
  Wind: WSW @ 11 - 13 MPH
  Air Temp: 77.5° F
  Water Temp: 78° F
  NDBC Station ID: 41116
  Wind: NA @ NA - MPH
  Air Temp: NA° F
  Water Temp: 77° F
Surf Guru Swell Forecast Wave Model
Swell Period Forecast and Wave Model
Wind Forecast and Wave Model
Sunday, May 28 Monday, May 29 Tuesday, May 30 Wednesday, May 31 Thursday, June 1 Friday, June 2 Saturday, June 3
7s 7s 7s 7s 7s 7s 7s 7s 4s 8s 8s 7s 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s 5s 7s 7s 5s 7s 7s 7s
sct few few few sct sct sct sct sct sct sct sct ntsra30 tsra30 tsra40 tsra40 ntsra30 tsra30 tsra40 tsra40 ntsra30 tsra30 tsra50 tsra50 ntsra30 tsra30 tsra50 tsra50
72° 84° 89° 88° 76° 85° 90° 89° 77° 85° 89° 88° 77° 76° 87° 81° 76° 76° 86° 80° 76° 76° 85° 80° 75° 76° 85° 80°
7-9mph 8-12mph 6-8mph 8-12mph 8-12mph 6-8mph 7-9mph 10-15mph 5-7mph 3-5mph 7-9mph 10-15mph 5mph 3mph 5mph 7mph 8mph 6mph 8mph 8mph 8mph 7mph 9mph 9mph 9mph 6mph 7mph 7mph
West West West South West West South South West NW ESE SE South South ESE SE South South ESE SE South South SE SE South SSW SE SSE
04:59 AM -0.8 ft Low
11:08 AM 5.5 ft High
05:07 PM -0.8 ft Low
11:34 PM 6.4 ft High
05:53 AM -0.6 ft Low
12:04 PM 5.4 ft High
06:04 PM -0.5 ft Low
12:29 AM 6.1 ft High
06:50 AM -0.4 ft Low
01:00 PM 5.3 ft High
07:04 PM -0.1 ft Low
01:23 AM 5.8 ft High
07:49 AM -0.2 ft Low
01:58 PM 5.2 ft High
08:08 PM 0.1 ft Low
02:18 AM 5.5 ft High
08:47 AM -0.1 ft Low
02:56 PM 5.1 ft High
09:12 PM 0.3 ft Low
03:14 AM 5.2 ft High
09:42 AM 0.0 ft Low
03:55 PM 5.2 ft High
10:12 PM 0.4 ft Low
04:10 AM 5.0 ft High
10:34 AM 0.0 ft Low
04:52 PM 5.2 ft High
11:09 PM 0.4 ft Low

jacksonville beach surf break information

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