Banana Bag Oral Solution

Banana Bag Oral Solution

I met Dylan Sinclair at the Locals Only surf contest and tried a sample of his new revitalizing drink and I have to say I was impressed.  I had been taking photos and been on my feet all day and that evening I still felt like I was ready to go do anything!  This is one of those few products that I think everyone who needs to recover after a long day of being active should try.

Bryan D. - Surfguru


"I am really excited to introduce the Banana Bag Oral Solution to the very group of folks who inspired me to create it in the first place: Surfers! If you were lucky enough to link up with Waterways in the Dominican Republic last year, then I was your surf photographer and we probably shared a Presidente or three.  Having surfed in beautiful remote places around the world with some of the Waterways crew, I've endured the hardships we willingly put our bodies through on a daily basis. Already dehydrated from excessive travel, surfing waves like the one in this picture of Macaronis, and sketchy food...then throw a few pints of local rum into the mix and you have the makings of a wicked hangover. I've watched my friends chug EmergenC, energy drinks, Gatorade, and plain water only to find them bedridden and hour later (beaten by the hangover) while the rest of us keep surfing. There was no readily available and reliable solution with the right ingredients to free my friends of this dehydrated stupor and get them back in the water. Until now."  

Dr. Brian Dery pharm D

Banana Bag Oral Solution had been in the works for approximately 2 years before Brian approached me with the product to see if I thought it would have any application in the health & fitness or fire & EMS genre's which I had been accustomed to. After being in the medical field for most of my adult life as previously both a combat medic in the army and a firefighter paramedic, I was already familiar with the hospitals use of a "Banana Bag".  Typically, if a patient would be both dehydrated and malnutritioned, most likely from chronic alcoholism, an IV Banana Bag would be administered to help get the patient back on their feet and out the door. So when I was first introduced to the Banana Bag Oral Solution, I thought it's use would be strictly limited as a hangover remedy, but when I'd heard that many people were also using it as an athletic supplement I was intrigued to give it a shot.

After experiencing the all natural, organic, hydrating, and revitalizing effects of Banana Bag Oral Solution I knew that Brian had created a product that was far more beneficial than just a hangover remedy. The mad scientist, as I like to call him, was very specific about making a completely functional product that has a very exact ration of sodium to very little sugar and allows you to receive maximum hydration, recovery, and a rush of non caffeinated natural energy. Feeling this well has actually become rather addictive, a sentiment that has echoed by our loyal customers rather consistently.  In addition to the following and positive feedback we've received from the surfing community, we've also developed a strong following through the fire service (due to the intensity of the training involved), the military, endurance athletes, and of course those that have an appreciation for pushing the limits of a night out.

Dylan Sinclair
Director of Marketing
(321) 604-8892

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