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Cape Canaveral

Cape Canaveral has been pretty decent lately. Find the birds in the 60 foot range and work. Use buck tails to jig the bait pods. Big bull red fish and cobia have been in the mix. Also look for the rays. Many have been empty but a few are holding fish. Pelican and 8A have been pretty dead. King's have not been around. Bait has been showing up in the surf lately and that's a good thing. Good luck and see ya out there! - Captain Chris -

Sebastian Inlet Offshore

Happy New Year everyone! The ultra clear water has continues for 2013 and the sight fishing is as good as it gets. We have had several oversize redfish come over the rail the last few weeks. Most of the fish have pushed way back in the creeks, staying as long as they can in the shallows, till dropping tide forces them into deeper holes. Unfortunately this puts us in the same place.

Here in North Florida we experience 5+feet of tide on average. Only allowing a small window of its on! to it's too late! So it pays to know your flat, and use the old adage better safe than sorry..or stuck in this case. I have stayed back a few times and got stuck through the low tide and had 4 fish in inches of water. We have been targeting the reds with a very slow presentation of live shrimp or mud minnows pinned on a 1/8 - 1/4 oz jig-head. or well placed fly in similar pattern.

Trout fishing has been steady most everywhere. We have had a few nice fish coming from 3 ft holes on the flats as well as off the usual ledges. The black drum have yet to really show in numbers.There a few smaller ones in the creeks mixed with the reds. I have had decent to slow reports of black drum and sheaphead out at the Mayport jetties.

FUN fishing alert: Bonita just outside the surf. These powerful little tuna are a lot of fun on light tackle. My preference of choice is an 8wt fly rod. They are feeding on glass minnows but will his most anything that moves.

The new year is upon us, let's keep the lines tight and the oceans blue.

Capt. Drew Mesiano
- Surf Guru - Surf Guru

Cape Canaveral

Hopefully everyone had a happy and safe new year. For those of you that were fortunate enough to get out on the 6 calm days we had between the gale force winds last month hopefully got on the fish. Being particularly partial to Kings, I have to say they were on fire. We were lucky enough to keep our clients on the fish all day. Every trip was a limit of our kingfish. Many fish were to the 35lb range.

We also released many other kings to grow and get bigger for next time. If you couldn’t find live bait don’t worry. Frozen Sardines and Cigar Minnows were working just fine. The standard double hook rigs, #4 wire with a pink/white duster were the ticket. On one of our trips, after hooking a few fish, I shut the motors off and we just drifted baits out the back and we were doubled up for a few hours.

In the mix of the chaos was Bonitos and Cobias. We switched the gear out to spinning tackle and just had a blast. We have been fishing the 80-90 foot ledges and reefs. And any wrecks in between all that. Speaking of Bonito…. Follow those shrimp boats. There stacked up behind the nets.

Triple Tail have been all over as well. Don’t leave the dock without a dozen shrimp. This has been an absolutely great season so far. Look for any floating debris and usually there’s a Trip under it. All the buoys have been holding there fair share as well. Just because they’re not on the first few sets doesn’t mean there not out farther. Use a live shrimp on a small jig head for best results. We also caught them on finger mullet and squid. Give each buoy at least 15 casts.

We worked a buoy the other day and before almost giving up we hooked the 10lber that was there. While Triple Tail fishing be sure to have a Cobia rod very handy. We had several decent Cobes pop up while working the Channel. Cobia have also been showing up with the water temps that have been a perfect 71 degrees. Many free swimmers have been in the 55-foot ranges from Patrick up to D can area. Fish to 60lbs have been caught.

Mahi fishing has been ok. No record size fish but the boats that are getting on them are coming back with 4-8 fish and smaller gaffers. There Mainly fishing on the edge of the stream or any rips and weed lines you can find, Oh I almost forgot, The buoy. This time of year with the colder weather moving in you should see at least a Wahoo or a Sailfish. Using the Standard ballyhoo rigs or strip baits have all been producing.

This time of year you can expect good bottom fishing all the way in as close as 80 and 90 feet. If you can get through the Red Snapper you will finally see your grouper. I wish I could give you a bunch of detail but truth be told I’m not much of a bottom fisherman.

I hope this report helps everyone out. If you have any questions give us a shout. Thanks and have a great month of fishing. If you have any good pics that you want to share please send them into us as well.

Thanks Chris from Fired up Charter's...
Capt. Chris Cameron
Cell: 407-222-3573
- Captain Chris -

Cape Canaveral

Hello. Hope everyone is doing well and getting out there to fish a little. The flats have been awesome and producing many large size reds. reports from the lagoon and river all seem to be the same. The fish are hungry and eating everything. Cut bait still produces the fatties. They have been eating topwater early in the day and gold spoons working well also. Trout action is great too. I fished the flats last week and had at least 20 trout. they were hitting basically everything I threw out there.

OFFSHORE> Good luck. The winds have been terrible. and the only day that was doable last week was terrible. from 120-800 feet and not a strike. Kingfish were no were to be found either. Hopefully the Kings show up real soon! If you want to catch and release a bunch of snapper work pelican and 8A.

NEARSHORE> This is the best bet right now!! Use finger mullet and work the schools of bait along the beach. We had non stop action the other day! We were catching Redfish to 30lbs, Bluefish, Jacks and ladyfish. We lost a few larger fish that we didnt get to see. There was so much action so definately give it a try. A few days before me a friend of mine had 25 flounder working the jetties.

Good luck with it!!!
Capt. Chris Cameron
Cell: 407-222-3573
- Captain Chris -

Cape Canaveral

Fishing is really starting to pic up! The mullet run is still in full swing. Make sure you load up on them before you go out. EVERYTHING has been eating them. From flats fishing to offshore.

The Redfish are spawning. there in the river and lagoon. Your choice. definitely have live or dead bait for the BIG ones. small pinfish and mullet are the key. Look for the big schools pushing water and tails. Get bait in front of them and your golden

Flounder fishing has been great too. fish the local wrecks! bottom bounce with live mullet. stay just off the wreck in the sand.

Mahi has been on fire. Use live mullet slow trolled in 120-130' You can also use the traditional ballyhoo rigs. Look for the rips, weeds, color changes etc. We had a few good days this week. Make sure you have the pitch rods ready.

Kingfish have been scarce. good luck with those!

Capt. Chris Cameron
Cell: 407-222-3573
- Captain Chris -

Cape Canaveral

Hope everyone is well and had a safe Labor Day weekend. Fishing has been Slow....

After Hurricane Issac came by and trashed the ocean, I was hoping that the fishing would pick back up. unfortunately it hasn't yet.
On the flip side of things RED SNAPPER is opening up here soon for the first time in years.

There giving us 2 weekends... Sept 14-16 Sept 21-23.

I think the rules are 1 fish per person per day. DO NOT get caught with any more. Im sure they will want to make examples of someone and throw them in jail for keeping a fish...........

Good luck with that! Heres whats been going on at the cape..

KINGS- NO IDEA were they went. GONE. if you find them please let me know!

POGIES/BAIT- Bait has NOT been on the beach! make sure you get your frozen sardines before you roll out. You can still sabiki the wrecks and buoys for live bait though.

MAHI- Had a friend fish a very nice weed line in 130 the other day and had 2 strikes. one bit through the wire. SLOW

SEA BASS/TRIGGERS- 8a, Pelican and Benson. I hear its good one day but slow the next. The bottom depending on were you are has been freezing.

FLOUNDER- Showing up in good numbers on all the wrecks and nearshore areas, Jetties, docks, etc... Use live finger mullet and 1oz weights. bounce the bottom.

BONITA/JACKS- Just outside of the tip of the shoals, north side. Slow troll whatever live bait you get, Big mullet have been in the back of the port.

AMBERJACK- Seems like the only good reliable fish right now. Fish your normal spots for them. 27 had some decent ones I heard last week.

GROUPER- If you can get on a spot that does not have a lot of current, give it a shot. I seen a few decent fish come back to the dock. I wish I could give more info on that but truth be told...I am not a bottom fisherman......

Hope this helps you out.

Capt. Chris Cameron
Cell: 407-222-3573
- Captain Chris -

Cape Canaveral

Hello! Hope everyone had a few weeks of some awesome fishing! The weather treated us very well! almost every day was a sheet of glass and perfect sunny conditions. A few days of some afternoon storms but not bad. Great summer Florida fishing.

Fired Up Charters and Full Throttle fishing located out of Bluepoints Marina had the privilege of working with the Wounded Warrior Project and Fishing for the Brave last week. We took out 6 Veterans from war and fully donated the day to them!!! It was a great feeling to give back to some who protected our freedom. Fishing wasn't on fire that day by any means. A few small sharks, 2 kingfish. I decided to go look for some Cobia....Well, we found 4 of them and one weighed 53lbs....Fired up came through and made for some great memories.

MAHI... Caught a few small ones on 8A this week. I saw a boat come back the other day with a nice Wahoo and a few smaller phins that were on a weed line in about 180 i was told.

KINGS... One day on fire next day gone. I have no clue how that all happens but it sure does. One day on 8A next on Lumps Next on A can.... As of right now they have been decent in the mornings on 8A. Some of the fish have been in the 40lb range as well.

COBIA... Great numbers. at least 2-5 a day.... They may not all be keepers but they are swimming up behind the boat and hitting king gear regularly! Keep a pitch rod handy! And as usual they have been on that "secret" spot here and there. lol

TARPON... Still around. Look early in the mornings just ouside of the bait pods in shallow water along the beach. Patrick has been better lately. They were spotted up north a few days ago as well.

BAIT.. Heres a weird one. For a month the bait has been scattered from the cape to patrick, One throw of a cast net and your done. Well over night 500 billion have disappeared a few days ago.....NO CLUE were they went but they need to come back!

SEA BASS/TRIGGERS... Plenty on every reef and up north as well on benson. A few decent size ones but plenty of 8" fish.

RED SNAPPER... There extinct...NOT Honestly there all over. I caught 2 trolling last week. one on the down rigger at 35 foot and one on my long line. the one was almost 20lbs.

AJ and GROUPER... Seen a few nice Grouper come back along with plenty of AJ. The offshore wrecks that normally hold them along with the 27 and 21 areas.

Well I hope this helps out.
Good luck see ya out there hopefully
Capt. Chris Cameron
Cell: 407-222-3573
- Captain Chris -

Cape Canaveral

Hello! Hope everyone enjoyed a few great weeks of AWESOME weather, (besides the few storms) the ocean has been FLAT..... The fishing has not been great but not bad either! I guess it all depends on what you wanna catch...

Since I am a Charter fisherman mainly these days, I am interested in keeping the rods bent. So if theres a family who has never gotten anything better than a 10lb trout. a 10-15lb bonita is a prize on light tackle. Us fisherman in Florida get spoiled because of the variety of fish we have. Just cause we can't eat it doesn't mean its not a prize fight for someone...

Yes I also got very spoiled and need to get back to basics, stop taking all these awesome days and fish for granted......... Heres what I have heard from reliable sources and from myself.... Hope it helps.

MAHI... As usual one day there there the next there not. I have not gone for them in the last few weeks.... There hasn't been many that came back to the dock either.... A friend of mine had a few days that he got them good. I think the trick is to go every day and you'll get a few days that you'll get them! lol

COBIA...My favorite. There showing up pretty good on the wrecks and reefs. we chummed up a few local wrecks last week and had a few swim up after 30 minutes. Theres a few studs swimming around! King fishing is bringing a few in!

KINGS.....They have not been that great! You really have to put your time in and look. we have caught them from the 730s to 8A, Brevard, and every local wreck... no great numbers but a few here and there. the bouy line and beach held a few of the bigger ones.

SAILS... We got a huge one the other day!!!! And it seems everyone has been getting them lately. We had ours in 50 foot on a random bait pod. we got him on 25lb spinning gear!

SPANISH MACKEREL... Go up north around the shoals, look for the birds and water breaking. theres bonita and jacks mixed in there as well. Bring a small rod and have fun with them.

TARPON... there still around! I seen them the other day down around patrick and the next day i seen them up north of the tip.

BONITA....Plenty in the buoy line and close to the beach. There decent size and theres a lot of them. we had almost 20 yesterday and the Charter was very pleased by having to chase fish down on light tackle. Great times.

BAIT...The bait seems to have left the beach and is in the port every day... Don't pass it going out. We got it in Cape Marina the other day and in the middle of the channel. There has been a few styles of pogies mixed in there, the normal and silver, there have been some turbos in there too.

I hope this helps out.... If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call.... I will share what i know!

Capt. Chris Cameron
Cell: 407-222-3573

- Captain Chris -

Indian River Lagoon

Capt. Willy Le
July is one of the hottest months to get out and go fishing. The weather pattern will be more predictable with mornings usually being slick calm, which means topwater fishing! The topwater bite this time of year is outstanding! There’s nothing better than to watch a Redfish, Snook, Trout , or Tarpon come out of nowhere and explode your lure on a quiet calm day. The first thing I would do on a calm morning is to tie on any kind of topwater lure and work an area that has bait or big mullet present.

This is a good month to target oversized Redfish in the Mosquito Lagoon, Banana River and N. Indian River. They will be milling around on deeper flats and drop offs around 3-5ft. Keep a close eye out for single fish or a big group humping up when running a lane from spot to spot on nearby flats. (I don’t recommend burning every flat just to bump up fish, especially when there are other boats poling the flat, it’s just not good for the fish, the grass, and fellow fisherman.) Even if you see one fish spook, it’s worth shutting down and poling the area.

After tying on 8 different soft plastics in different color variations, I found out that the D.O.A. Baitbuster is the lure of choice for these big girls, they were happily taking these lures on the top with a stead retrieve.

Fly fishing can be tough for the bigger Redfish since they are picky eaters but it is possible. Any big fly that represents a baitfish should do the trick, but be prepared to have lots of rejections.

If you prefer to use live bait or if you want to put kids on a big fish, you can’t go wrong with a chunk of Ladyfish or mullet. 7 year old Gavin was waiting patiently with rod in hand until this fish grabbed his bait and took a long run screaming his drag for what felt like minutes before it slowed down enough for Gavin to start reeling. This was his first ever Redfish!

July is also a good month to target Tarpon in the East Central region. Larger Tarpon up to 150lbs can be found heading north along the beaches crashing on bait pods or just rolling along doing their thing. You can easily get them them on Pogies or 10-12 inch mullet but I prefer to throw lures, like the D.O.A. Swimming Mullet or the trolling model Baitbuster. Fly fishing for these Tarpon is possible on some days when they are plentiful and happily rolling. Sometimes you can sneak up to them while laid up or daisy chaining on super clam conditions then you can cast a bait fish pattern at them using a 10-12wt rod.

Juvenile Tarpon will be in the river and lagoon systems as well if you prefer less fight time. These are the better fish to target on the fly rod because these fish prefer a smaller fly that mimics minnows or finger mullet. These fish can range from 5lbs-40lbs depending on what area you are fishing.

Not only is the fishing HOT in July, the temperatures will also be scorching hot. Remember to wear sun protected clothing, lather up on the sunscreen and drink plenty of water!

Capt. Willy Le
- Surf Guru - Surf Guru

Cape Canaveral

Last few weeks have been a little rough, Not only for fishing but also for weather... Heres whats been going on out of Bluepoints. If anyone has any questions or I can help point you in the right direction please call and I will help in anyway possible. There are plenty of fish out there for everyone to enjoy!

MAHI- From 140-220 feet There was a few boats that got out in the rough weather and I seen a few days of up to 15 fish come back. Some nice fish too. It hasn't been wide open every day. Most fish have been small and most boats have been coming back with 3-5 fish. I'm hearing some people going to 800 feet.. there hasn't been anything consistent except that most people I hear of that are doing well have been fishing shallower than deeper.

KINGS- SLOW... If you have the patients to fish the beach and buoy line you will catch a few good ones. There was a few days that the Brevard Reef held fish for an early morning bite. one day they were there, the next were not??? most fish were no bigger than 10 lbs. I heard the last day or so kings were found working offshore bait pods. Also heard there was a few fish on Pelican. I haven't heard or anything on 8A...

TARPON- Been on fire... early morning has been best. Using Pogies or large Mullet. drive the beach south or north, look for them rolling then shut the motors down and drift.... Calmer the better i have found. you can see them rolling much easier. 50lb Flourocarbon leader about 6 foot long with 6/0 7/0 circle hook. From the shoreline and out to 25 feet. I watched tarpon blowing mullet up on the shoreline yesterday. I was throwing practically on to the beach and getting hit in the surf!

WAHOO/SAILFISH- been seeing a lot of hoos and sails caught the last few weeks. not in any great numbers but there definitely around.

BAIT- All over the place! I've been getting pogies in the basins in front of Bluepoints, Jetty Park to Patrick.... I have noticed that the bait has been holding tight to the beach in like 5-7 foot of water... Plenty though

JACKS/SHARKS/BONITA- I know its not the prize fish we all want....BUT there fun for the kids and clients!! There all along the beach and catching them in good numbers while Tarpon fishing and slow trolling for the Kings... Just

COBIA- let me know! lol

-- Capt. Chris Cameron
Cell: 407-222-3573
- Captain Chris -
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