Big Wave Wipeout and rescue

Brazillian Pedro Calado makes an attempt at an epic wave at Praia do Norte.  The tow in run on the mountain sized wave started out looking good.  But as the wave became steeper and steeper his board lifted and the chop got the best of him causing his board pearl and he disappears into the wave.   Even just watching, seconds felt like hours as Calado is relentlessly pounded in the white water while the rescue skis position themselves.  This is always a tense moment because unless the rescue ski can time things perfectly not only can it be fatal for the surfer but ski and it’s rider can be tossed like a toy by giant waves and be slammed into the awaiting rocks.  Finally, one of the rescuers manages to fight his way through and pull Calado out with the next wave hot on their tails.  Big props to Lucas Chumbo who made the rescue!
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