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Volcom Seacow Dec. 4th 2010 Sebastian Inlet Fl.

As usual, the Volcom Seacow was one the most fun and exciting surfing events of the season.  At every level, from squids to pros, contestants were tearing up the waves and giving a spectacular show for spectators at Sebastian Inlet on Saturday, December 4, 2010.

 The groms were having a ball competing for prizes and coating each other with condiments and flour. And of course no one complained about free pizza and Volcom product giveaways!  

 The near-perfect conditions at Sebastian Inlet made the day all the better!   Glassy chest to head-high waves gave surfers plenty to work with.  Arron Cormican won the $2000 purse, but that doesn’t mean the other pros like Ryan Briggs, Blake Jones and David Spears gave any less of an effort – they were all pulling off some sick stunts including an awesome barrel by David Spears at First Peak.

 This year a prize was also given to the top finisher in the Juniors; though the competition was fierce, that money went to Tanner Stromenger.  Additionally, the top 5 finishers in each division (Juniors, Groms and Girls) qualified for the VQS in California.

 Following are the results:

1. Arron Cormican - $2000.00
2. Ryan Briggs
3. David Spear
4. Cody Thompson
5. Cole Richards
6. Nils Schwiezer

1. Tanner Stromenger - $250.00 Muscle Milk
2. Nathen Behl
3. Corey Howell
4. Nolen Tylers
5. Austen Clouse
6. Cam Richards

1 Tristan Thompson
2. Luke Marks
3. Daniel Glenn
4. Georgio Gomez
5. Fisher Grant
6. Logan Hayes

1. Jarik Fink
2. Micah Cantor
3. Brayen Bright
4. Tommy Coleman
5. Gavin Weathers
6. Christian Daniels
7. Noah Brownhill
7. Kaleb kirshenbaum
7. Blake Sper
7. Micah Peck

1. Amy Nicol
2. Ja Set Umbel
3. Jazmine Dean
4. Elle Klien
5. Rossi klien
6. Emily Ruppert

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