Peg Burley

Peg Burley

Favorite Haunts: Anywhere It's Breaking

My name is Peg Burley. I am married with three beautiful daughters and live in Melbourne, Florida. I work with Developmentally Disabled adults and children and have my own network marketing business. Having been born in Titusville, I am a Florida native and have spent most of my life on the East Coast of Central Florida.

A few years back, mostly on a whim, I decided to buy myself a decent digital camera. I purchased a Kodak DX7590. I started taking pictures and became hooked almost to obsession. 

It quickly became apparent that I had a good eye and some real talent. I didn't see it at first but everyone kept encouraging me. Eventually, I came to see my abilities and strived to be even better. I have learned a lot and come such a long way with my photography in these past few years. I still have a long way to go and a lot to learn before I will consider myself professional though.

My Kodak served me well. I took over 40,000 pictures with it in almost three years. Unfortunately, it took a fatal swim with some sea urchins over Spring Break 2007.

I did a lot of research before buying a new camera. I really wanted to upgrade to a DSLR but I just couldn't make the cost. Instead, I settled for a Canon Powershot S3IS. I absolutely love it!

My main subjects in the beginning, were my daughters. I branched out to other subjects and eventually got to where I would shoot anything and everything. My camera goes everywhere with me. I have been seen crawling around on my hands and knees, laying on the ground and pulling off the road just to get shots. (My daughters get so embarrassed when I do that. LOL) Action shots are my favorite subject though. I love hanging out on the beach so it only makes sense that surf photography is my passion.  

I am not a surfer myself nor is anyone in my family. I tried surfing in my youth and nearly killed myself falling off the board repeatedly, so I took up racquetball and bicycling instead. LOL

By the way, I tend to be quiet and keep to myself, especially when I am shooting. I am not one to just walk up to people and start conversations. However, if someone  approaches me, I am always willing to talk. So if you see me out there shooting, come on over and say hi.

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