Hurricane Ian Update 9-28-22

Hurricane Ian Update 9-28-22

It’s Wednesday morning and the track of the Hurricane has changed a little further south again.  Because of this new path Ian is expected to be a category 4, maybe even a weak 5, hurricane at land fall around noon on Wednesday and then drop to a category 1 overnight as it moves inland towards the South Orlando area.  It should downgrade to a tropical storm around noon on Thursday around Daytona beach.

Again,  while that sounds great, that energy has to go somewhere and since this storm is slow moving all that energy is being dumped in the form of Wind and Rain not only where it makes landfall but throughout the entire state which can cause wind damage and flooding. 

For coastal areas storm surge and flooding can be the biggest concern.  Since Ian will likely be a category 4 right up to the coast, the storm surge can be 6-10 feet from Sarasota all the way down to Naples, which is more than enough to cause major coastal flooding.  To put things into perspective if you look at the satellite imagery, Ian’s storm field is still larger than the entire state of Florida.  Expect to feel the effects of Ian throughout the state with high winds, heavy rains and rough surf all the way to the East Coast.

This storm has changed track several time in the last few days so check out your local weather media for the latest and visit Threats and Impacts page. 

Stay safe and take care.

- Bryan

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