Florida Surf Report/Forecast and Tropics outlook for May 20th 2024

Florida Surf Report/Forecast and Tropics outlook for May 20th 2024

Florida Surf Report/Forecast and Tropical Outlook for May 17th 2024

Atlantic Surf Report and Forecast

Monday:  Monday: Small anklebusters to shin-high waves with occasional knee-high sets coming from the East at 8-second to start the day.  Morning offshore winds will shift to onshore kicking up a little afternoon wind swell as a front passes over.

Tuesday:  Onshore winds will generate a minor wind swell on top of the small ENE background bump from the area of low pressure I talked about last week.

Looking ahead:  The winds will remain predominantly onshore, resulting in a modest mixed swell. However, they are expected to mellow out a little on Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  The winds are anticipated to intensify during the afternoons due to the daily sea breezes.  Following this, you can expect knee-high surf leading into the weekend, with a chance for a slight increase by Sunday afternoon.


South Florida Surf report and Forecast

Monday:  Small to flat in most spots.

Tuesday:  Smaller wind swell chop.  Palm Beach Country may get a little ENE background bump later in the day.  Not looking overly rideable south of PBC.

Looking ahead:  Wednesday will bring NE winds and minor wind swell with a small ENE background bump propping things up a bit.  After that, the surf drops off and stays small through the weekend.


Gulf Coast Surf report and Forecast

Gulfsters:  Small leftovers with SW winds dropping as the day goes on.

Panhandle:  Knee high leftovers with East winds shifting onshore by the afternoon.


Gulfsters: Small to flat.

Panhandle: Surf drops to small to flat
Looking ahead:  

Gulfsters:  Small to flat for the rest of the week.

Panhandle:  Surf drops off and stays small for the rest of the week.

Tropics and Hurricane Forecast
Not too much currently, but the warm waters and favorable conditions suggest an active season ahead. I anticipate the emergence of named storms possibly as early as, or around the middle of June.
Have a great one!  - Bryan 

*Legal stuff. Just a reminder I’m a surf forecaster not a weather forecaster so please check with the official government storm info outlets for the latest.
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