Florida Surf Report/Forecast and Tropical Outlook for June 21st 2024

Florida Surf Report/Forecast and Tropical Outlook for June 21st 2024

Florida Surf Report/Forecast and Tropical Outlook for June 21st 2024
Atlantic Surf Report and Forecast
North of the Cape
Chunky chest high waves with lucky bigger sets at 9 sec.   Strong onshore winds are keeping things chunky.  Winds back off a bit by the afternoon(late afternoon for Jax area)as the eye of the tropical disturbance passes over.

South of the Cape
Waist high at 8-9 sec from the ENE.  Decent am winds turn SE and pick up a bit for the afternoon.

Weekend:   Size drops off a notch for Saturday to the thigh to lucky waist zone, still from the ENE at about 8 sec with light south morning winds picking up for the afternoon and turning SE.  Sunday surf drops to the knee to lucky thigh zone at 7 sec from the East.  Winds start the day again a little lighter and variable direction and turn SE and pick up for the afternoon.

Looking ahead:  Surf drops off for next week.   Mostly knee high with offshore winds.   We may see a little Thigh high bump on Thursday.


South Florida Surf report and Forecast

Friday:  Knee to thigh chunky short period wind swell chop with strong onshore winds.

Weekend:  Small to flat with gentle morning onshore winds picking up and turning SE for the afternoon on both days.

Looking ahead:  Grab your rubber duckies because next week is bathtub week.  Flat surf and warm water all week.

Gulf Coast Surf report and Forecast

Gulfsters:  Small to flat with offshore winds.

Panhandle:  Small knee high waves with brisk East winds.


Gulfsters: Small to flat in most spots.

Panhandle: Saturday, knee at 6 sec from the South on Saturday with morning offshore winds turning onshore later in the day.  Sunday, similar conditions to Sat, NW winds turning SW by the afternoon.
Looking ahead:  

Gulfsters:  Small to flat for the work week.

Panhandle:  Mostly knee high to start the week. We could see a little wind swell bump to the thigh range around late Wednesday/Thursday.
Tropics and Hurricane Forecast
A minor disturbance is approaching northern Florida, with the National Hurricane Center assigning a 60% probability of it developing into a tropical depression. However, I believe the actual chances are significantly lower, and it will likely result in a few storms and winds around 20 MPH in Northern Florida.

Additionally, a broad low-pressure area is present on the opposite side of the Gulf, originating from the southernmost tip of Mexico and moving northwest. This system is expected to gain energy and moisture before making landfall further north in Mexico. The National Hurricane Center estimates a 50% chance of this system developing into a tropical depression within the next 48 hours, but model predictions suggest it will move over land by then, preventing any further intensification. It appears Texas will be spared, with the primary concern being 8-foot waves near Aldama, Mexico and rainfall.

Have a great one!  - Bryan 

*Legal stuff.  Just a reminder I’m a surf forecaster not a weather forecaster so please check with the official government storm info outlets for the latest. 
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