Florida Surf Report/Forecast and Tropical Outlook for June 12th 2024

Florida Surf Report/Forecast and Tropical Outlook for June 12th 2024

Florida Surf Report/Forecast and Tropical Outlook for June 12th 2024
Atlantic Surf Report and Forecast
Wednesday:  Small.  Lucky knee high waves with SSW winds.

Thursday:   Same story for Thursday.  Knee high with SSW winds.

Looking ahead:  Surf will be in the knee high range at 4-5 secs for most of the work week and then drop off even smaller for Friday and through the weekend.
South Florida Surf report and Forecast
Wednesday:  Flat.
Thursday:  Small to flat
Looking ahead:  Staying small to flat for the work week and into the weekend.  We could see a little wind swell starting for Sunday but that’s about it.
Gulf Coast Surf report and Forecast

Gulfsters:  Knee high with a few very lucky bigger sets from the SSW.  Winds stay onshore but light in most spots.

Panhandle:  Flat with a few ankle busters now and again.


Gulfsters: South winds continue kicking up some knee to very lucky thigh SW wind swell but only at the right spots that can handle it.  Other spots will be in the shin to lucky knee range.

Panhandle: Flat with a few ankle busters now and again.
Looking ahead:  

Gulfsters:  Small scale wind swell with South biased winds through Thursday.  Winds shift to the SE and surf drops off.  There might be a few leftover Friday morning so keep an eye out.  Then we go pretty flat for the weekend and start of next week.

Panhandle:  Ankle busters to knee high with a few lucky bigger sets in the 4-5 sec range for the rest of the week and into the weekend.  Looks like winds and wind swell may kick up on Monday a bit then we have an area of low pressure down by Mexico that could kick up some surf for the mid week but it’s looking like it will be mostly a side effect East wind swell with a little background SW bump coming from the actual storm area.
Tropics and Hurricane Forecast
Not too much currently, but the warm waters and favorable conditions suggest an active season ahead.  

An area of low pressure is expected to develop near Mexico, potentially moving into the Gulf where it may intensify slightly before returning over Mexico and dissipating.  I anticipate that this will not escalate into a full-fledged tropical storm, but it will serve as a useful indicator of the potential impact a system could have if it were to progress into the Gulf. While this system won't have a direct impact on Florida, we can anticipate reasonably strong easterly winds resulting from the interaction between this system and the adjacent high-pressure area to the north.  Mexico and certain areas of Texas may also experience considerable rainfall.


Have a great one!  - Bryan 

*Legal stuff.  Just a reminder I’m a surf forecaster not a weather forecaster so please check with the official government storm info outlets for the latest.
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