Florida Surf Report/Forecast and Tropical Outlook for July 1st 2024

Florida Surf Report/Forecast and Tropical Outlook for July 1st 2024

Atlantic Surf Report and Forecast
Monday:  Shin to knee high from the East at 8 secs with light S/SE winds.

Tuesday:   Shin to knee high conditions continue with SE winds that pick up a bit for the afternoon.

Looking ahead:  Surf stays on the smaller side, mostly shin to knee high through the week.
South Florida Surf report and Forecast
Monday:  Flat.
Tuesday:  Flat.
Looking ahead:  Small to flat all the way into the weekend.
Gulf Coast Surf report and Forecast

Gulfsters:  Flat.
Panhandle:  Knee high to very lucky thigh high wave leftovers.  Morning north winds are going slack by the afternoon.


Gulfsters: Flat.

Panhandle: Surf drops off to the lucky knee zone.
Looking ahead:  

Gulfsters:  Small to flat all the way into the weekend

Panhandle:  We have smaller wind swell conditions for the mid-week and then a possible wind swell bump for the weekend.
Tropics and Hurricane Forecast
Disturbance 1 (AL94) intensified into Tropical Storm Chris over the weekend and is now weakening over Mexico, bringing heavy rainfall and strong winds.
Disturbance 2 (AL95) has developed into Hurricane Beryl, which is currently a major hurricane and is forecasted to reach Category 4 status. Beryl is expected to continue its westward trajectory through the Caribbean, passing over Jamaica on Wednesday and affecting the Yucatán Peninsula by Friday. At that point, it is anticipated to weaken significantly before entering the Bay of Campeche and eventually making landfall near Tampico, Mexico, where it will dissipate.
Lastly, the wave of energy that emerged off the African coast last Friday (AL96) currently has a 40% chance of development and is likely to become the next tropical storm. Its projected path through the Caribbean suggests it will not impact Florida.
Have a great one!  - Bryan 

*Legal stuff.  Just a reminder I’m a surf forecaster not a weather forecaster so please check with the official government storm info outlets for the latest. 
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