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Kapn Bone Food Review Philly's Finest

Hey it’s your good old Kapn’ Bone with this weeks insider food review...

 And it’s our pleasure to be at Philly’s Finest.
When you do something you love you will never have to work a day in your life, wise words. Nicholas has truly embraced this concept by serving up the best Hoagies in Brevard County.  Here at Philly’s Finest they only use the freshest meats and cheeses from Dietz and Watson then the load it up on true hoagie rolls from Amoroso’s bakery straight from Philly.

 We had the delight of trying the Italian and the house special Cheese Steak . The Italian was stacked with provolone, lettuce and tomato  Prosciutto, Capacola and Salami. This is the best Italian hoagie that I have ever had. The Cheese Steak was also just unbelievable, not your typical soggy mess. Nicolas takes thinly sliced rib eye steak and blends it with Cooper Sharp Cheese again on a fresh hoagie, the combination with the onions is just unbelievable.
 Buddha and I have made Philly’s Finest our Football food stop this year. With a giant selection of Cheese Steaks, Hot Sandwiches, Burgers and more, Philly’s Finest will have something for every palate.

The hours are Open Monday, Sunday 11am-9pm; Tuesday-Thursday 11am-9:30pm; Friday-Saturday 11am-2:30am look them up on the web at

 Nickolas will tell you how it is and should be, when it comes to his special cuisine!

So hang on and get yourself down to Philly’s Finest and when you do don’t forget to tell them Kapn’ Bone sent you!
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