The Adamson - On Location In Scotland

Kapn Bone Food Review

Hey It’s your good old Kapn’ Bone here taking a trip across the pond for Surf Guru’s first International Food Review!

This week find’s me in St. Andrews Scotland the home of golf, a trip that I have dreamed about for years has finally come true. I arrived at the Old Course and started soaking in the oldest golf club in the world and asked two young men if they would be so kind as to take my picture, they were happy to oblige. They asked me were I was from, and so started my first new friendships in Scotland. Fred and Jordi are history students at St. Andrews University and bought me my first pint at the Jigger Inn right on #17 the famous “Road Hole”.

After touring this historical town we worked up quite an appetite and I asked the guy’s were would could dine and they brought me to “The Adamson” located at 127 South Street. Greeted by Graham and Julie the driving force behind the Adamson we were led to a four top that overlooked the dinning room.

As always I started with soup as my first choice. The Butternut Squash Soup was both flavorful and filling. After walking around in 40-degree weather it truly hit the spot. For an appetizer I went with the Seared Hand Dived Scallops with Cauliflower Puree and Pancetta. The scallops were cooked perfectly and the added touch of Pancetta gave this dish a nice little punch. For my Entrée’ I chose the  Rib Eye Steak. The steak was hand trimmed and not only was it juicy but the presentation was a work of art. The head Chef Mark Pollack always make's sure that every thing that leaves his kitchen is not only the freshes ingredients but absolutely perfect presentation. I feel like I was in a first class  upper east side of New York resturant.

The Adamson has it all, an incredible menu,architecturally stunning and a staff that is eager to please. I could not have been luckier to find such a great place. I want to thank Fred and Jordi for introducing me to “The Adamson” and Graham, Julie and Mike for showing this weary traveler a new home in Scotland. Check out their website at  and see the most inclusive website that you have every seen with not only a menu but the history of this great establishment.

So when your wandering around St. Andrews and you are looking to treat yourself to the best dinner in all of Scotland go and see my friends at the Adamson and don’t forget to tell them Kapn’ Bone sent you!   
127 south street
st andrews
ky16 9uh

call us on
01334 479191

The Adamson - On Location In Scotland
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