Pistilli's Pizza Indian Harbour Beach Family Owned Since 1949

Underground Pizza Patrol by Kapn Bone

This week takes Buddha and I to Indian Harbor Beach to Pistilli’s Restaurant right there on E. Eau Gallie Blvd. A family owned establishment that dates all the way back to 1949. Fortunately for us they relocated from New Jersey to bring you that high quality taste you miss from up north.
We were greeted by a strong smell of everything that’s good in an Italian Restaurant, Garlic and Cheese and after watching Elliott spin those pizza’s we were impressed. I ordered my small extra cheese pizza and checked out all of the great dish’s leaving the kitchen, Baked Ziti and Calzone’s as big as a platter and Pizza Pizza Pizza!

The wait was quick and they gave us our pie, a huge by small standards but as we say bigger is better. On my fist bite I was flooded with great cheese taste and the pizza sauce was delicious not acidic but a full tomato taste with a crust that finished off this beauty perfectly. I had to give them 8 on pepperoni scale this day. We were there on a Thursday night and the place was humming, always a good sign!

So when you are in Indian Harbor Beach in search of a great Jersey slice or if you want to treat the family to a terrific meal, eat in or take out Pistilli’s is the place for you, and don’t forget to tell them Kapn’ Bone sent you!

Pistilli’s Pizza
630 E. Eau Gallie Blvd.
Indian Harbor beach fl. 32937

Their phone number for free delivery is 321-777-2600
Pistilli's Pizza Indian Harbour Beach Family Owned Since 1949
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