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Amura Sushi Orlando Florida Food Review

Hi Def Sushi ck it out...

Story/Photos By Kapn Bone

Kampai! It’s your good old Kapn’ Bone here with this weeks food review. Off on a business trip to Orlando, Buddha and I were fortunate to be able to spend the evening at Amura. This has been a true favorite for us since the first restaurant in downtown Orlando was built back when Shak was still on the Magic. They have grown to three locations, Downtown, Dr. Phillips and at Heathrow.

Tonight we were graciously invited to the Dr. Phillips location by Suzuki Moon. We were greeted by the ever smiling Amanda who directed us to the huge Sushi bar which at capacity seats 17 people! When you visit Amura sitting at the bar is the place to be. They have four chefs preparing all of the sixty rolls they offer and you are able to see them create their famous ”High Definition Sushi” right there in front of you. Of course they also include on the Sushi menu Nigiri ,Sashimi and a whole list of other yummy specials. To see the whole menu check out their link at the end of this article. Now hold on here we go! We have a baseline selection process when we go for Sushi, this enables us to judge different restaurants equally. 

The list starts out with a Rainbow Roll, Tuna Nigiri, Salmon Skin hand roll and Any specialty roll. Amanda’s suggestion was the Volcano Roll. We were pleasantly surprised how quickly and efficiently our order was served. Typically you have a wait time of about thirty minutes but they were done in ten. As Amanda placed the dish in front of us it was like a bouquet flowers the colors were unbelievable and the detail was incredible.

We went straight to the Salmon Skin hand rolls. I have been to a number of great Sushi bars all over the world but I have to say this was the best Hand Roll ever, It had several pieces of crunchy salmon skin plus a huge piece of avocado in the middle. We give the Salmon Skin hand roll a 5. We are pretty stingy with 5’s in our reviews but when its justified we comply!

The next item was the Tuna Nigiri, again the real deal! The Tuna was about six inches long, not the typical three. Almost transparent red not pink. Fresh taste we give the Tuna Nigiri another 5. On too the Rainbow Roll. Not to be redundant this was a classic. Not only so fresh but another piece of art. From the swirled sauces to dip in on the plate but the size of the roll with four different fishes and topped with Masago (Smelt Roe). We give the Rainbow Roll a 5. Last but not least the Volcano Roll, We know why Amanda made this suggestion. This was a warm roll With a real crab inside not the faux crab that a lot of other Sushi bar use. On top was shrimp, scallops avocado masago and spicy tuna. Uniquely plated with two sauces drizzled on each side for dipping. We give the Volcano roll a 5. After enjoying the four standards we were asked if we would like to try anything else, you know the answer! 

We went with the Bubbha Roll, Spicy Octopus and Conch Baskets and our favorite Hydrogen Bomb Nigiri. If you haven’t heard of the Hydrogen Bomb Nigiri, it’s Masago soaked in Wasabi till the orange roe turns green then they put that on top of the basket. I guarantee you that this will bring a tear to your eye and clear out your sinus's!

We sampled the Bubbha roll next, Tempura Shrimp, Avocado and Cream Cheese. Another hit. At this point as unbelievable as it seems we were getting really full and looked forward to finishing off our meal with the Spicy Octopus and Conch Baskets. Normally you would get these little baskets topped with small pieces of Octopus and Conch, not at Amura they were overflowing with both, a meal in it self.

Amanda insisted that we try the Flash Fried Cheese Cake with Ice Crème topped in Carmel sauce. Buddha had to sit out this one so I did my duty but was unable to finish it. Buddha and I would like to thank everyone at Amura for the terrific service and food, Amanda and all the chefs were outstanding. Mr.Suzuki Thank you for your hospitality. Amura has a full menu from Sushi to Teppan Dinners serving Lunch and Dinner, they also have a full bar and wine list. When visiting Orlando check out Amura Sushi and Steak house at any of  their

three Orlando locations...

When you visit tell them Kapn Bone from sent you! See you next week Kapn Bone out.

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