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Happy Hour at Hula Moon Tiki Grill Indian Harbour Beach

Happy Hour Food Review With JPJ and SurfGuru

Story/Photos By Surf Guru

My friends were well into their first beer as I arrived at Happy Hour at The Hula Moon Tiki Grill
in Indian Harbour Beach. As I sat down an icy cold draft Lagunita beer arrived with my name on it. Arriving at the table just after was a neat little sampling of tacos, nachos and chicken bites. It was Thursday and happy hour and we wanted to review their food for happy hour, so let the festivities begin.

At the table with me was from Buddha, Joey and the not so shy guru girl Angela. The frost beer had evaporated and another was on its way. For me the first nibble was the Coconut Chicken Bites. Its tough to beat deep fried chicken, and this appetizer tasted more like desert to me and I love desert. Priced @ $7.99, the portion was ok, the taste was yummy. I asked my Angela about what she thought… “The coconut chicken bites were a close second place behind the lobster tacos. Being a huge fan of anything coconut flavored or scented, I was so surprised at how much I loved this appetizer. The coconut flavor was present, but not overpowering. It was something I'd never had before and will definitely be ordering again”

Second, and in no particular order I had a pork taco. I chose to not season this with any sauce at all as I wanted to see what they came up with, and I’m glad I abstained from adding anything. The taste was delicate, with a hint that reminded me it was Mexican BBQ. The best $2 taco I ever had! Angela and Joey were not short on opinions here… The pork tacos were delicious after working at Slow & Low BBQ for 2 years I've eaten more pork in that time than you probably have your entire life... and I thought the pork was tender and juicy. But it was strange to me to be eating pork in a soft taco, and I still prefer it in a sandwich.

Next I dove into the lobster taco, another deep fried decadent delicacy. I don’t think you can serve lobster any way incorrectly, this taco was deliciouso. Never short on opinions or words Angela said- The lobster tacos were my favorite from the table. Everything about the taco was fresh and the sauce was so flavorful. It complimented the lobster perfectly. We went to Hula Moon once before to scope out their $2 taco special. Ordered the blackened fish tacos which were very tasty and left us excited to come back again for the food review to try more of their menu. Hearing about these famed blackened fish tacos, I thought to myself- like McArthur, I shall return.

Finally there was the Tuna Poke Nachos, featuring sushi grade tuna with a wasabi sauce served on a flakey nacho chip that was mmm mmm spicy good. Angela and Joey had their own angle on this fourth dish- despite being last on my rank list of the four dishes we tried, was still very yummy. They're nothing at all like the greasy, cheesy, heavy nachos you order from other restaurants, and then feel guilty about eating afterwards so you box up your entree order to take home. The appetizer sauce that was drizzled over the nachos was a little zingy for my taste, but I can definitely see how others would love it.

The beer was cold and the food was both tasty and unique. Buddha was speechless at our table or maybe his mouth was just full. The room here at the Hula Moon Tiki Grill was a bit rowdy as the soccer hooligans dominated the mood; hence the next round of beer that was purchased by the table next to us as Buddha socialized. I grew tired of seeing Buddha signing autographs and hit the eject button. Next time will be more sooner than later and maybe I’ll have some of their snapper or blackened fish tacos.

Fore More info Check out their website:

Hula Moon Grill
1900 Florida A1A
Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937
Hours: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Happy Hour at Hula Moon Tiki Grill Indian Harbour Beach

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