Fired Up Coal Oven Pizzeria in Palm Bay

Kapn Bone Food Review

Hey it’s your good old Kapn'. Bone here with our new Fall food reviews, yes Buddha and I are back and to kick things off and were just Fired Up! Fired Up Pizzeria an innovative family restaurant in the heart of the “new” Palm Bay at 195 Malabar Road was our destination.

As we drove west I remembered that not long ago there was little if any life beyond the Wal-mart, but boy has that changed! With Palm Bay being one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., it becomes obvious that this area has not only increased in population but in great places to eat.

Fired Up leads the pack with it’s unique “Coal Oven Pizza“ process. All the way from Italy this one of a kind oven uses no gas or electric but real coal, the temperatures run in the eight hundred degree range giving you a crisp flavorful crust.

David and Adam Avchen owners and our host’s for the evening are the driving force at Fired Up. You can see them do everything from cooking to delivery, Adam brought us the menu and right off the bat you can see that Fired Up is way more than just Pizza.

To begin our meal an old favorite, Crispy Calamari a generous portion with a really fresh side of Marinara to dip in. Very light with a tasty breading. To complement our Calamari a Tomato and fresh Mozzarella Caprese. The plate presentation was beautiful with a Balsamic vinegar drizzle, it looked to good to eat! Our next delight was the “Fired Up” coal fired wings a nice portion of jumbo wings covered in caramelized onions with a nice hint of vinegar and garlic. These wings rank up there with the best that we have had, a nice coal flavor wing that’s not fried but still juicy and crisp. On too the Pizza! Adam has made some great selections from the menu but the Margarita Pizza was out of this world, a nice 16”pizza covered in tomatoes and fresh mozzarella slices and a tangy sauce with a little spice kick at the end. Again the crust was so good light and crispy.

With a terrific menu we moved on to dessert ,we were not disappointed Adam treated us to four, one better than the next treats. What ever your fancy they have you covered. First a Tiramisu followed by a Triple Chocolate Tart. Then came a real Cheese cake ending with a sumptuous Carrot Cake. Now I can go into great detail about these desserts which by the way are prepared fresh every day by pastry chef Jacqueline Hayes but your going to have to come try all of them, you will be glad that you did.

Fired Up Pizzeria is your Sunday football headquarters with the NFL ticket so that you can watch your team play. Also Adam and David are true supporters of the local community including special nights were donations are made from the proceeds, in this economy it’s great to see someone giving something back , they also have a Saturday Karaoke night, along with delivery and terrific catering services.

We would like to thank Adam and David for such a great time and awesome food, and also Ann and Tiffany for their attentive service,

So when your looking for a truly special family experience come on out to Fired Up Pizzeria and more, but don’t forget to tell them Kapn’ Bone sent you!

Fired Up Coal Oven Pizzeria & Sports Bistro
195 Malabar Rd. NW
Palm Bay, FL 32907
(321) 727 - 3473
Fired Up Coal Oven Pizzeria in Palm Bay
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