Bayridge Sushi Restaurant in Apopka Food Review

Kapn Bone knows his Sushi!!!

No Sleep till Brooklyn! This is your good old Kapn. Bone here with another fine food review. This week Buddha and I decided to really get out and discover the suburbs.

After attending this years Golf Show at the Orange County Convention Center, Buddha and I got on the road to start our search for the best Sushi in Orlando. Well we soon discovered that five on a Friday on the old I-4 was not the time to be going anywhere quick. After about an hour and three accidents later we arrived at our exit not a minute to soon.

Tonight we had the utmost pleasure to visit Mr. Ben Lu the owner at Bayridge Sushi at the Apopka location. A Good sign that a restaurant is successful is how many people are there when you arrive, well this establishment was packed.

Mr. Lu introduced us to his wonderful staff and seated us at the Sushi Bar. As we went over the quite extensive menu one thing became apparent, the prices were pleasantly very affordable and in this economy, a nice surprise. Buddha requested that I make the first hand roll and Mr. Lu was happy to oblige. I went behind the bar and put on my hat and coat and my gloves and showing my abilities produced a fine Salmon Skin hand roll. I decided to leave the rest to the true professionals and took my seat back at the bar.

Our choices were aided by Mr. Lu’s suggestions, we started with a “Bubba Roll” Cooked Shrimp on top of Shrimp Tempura with a sweet sauce This was so crunchy with a nice sweet finish, delicious. Next we tried a “Super Volcano Roll” Baked Scallops & Crabmeat on top of a California Cheese Roll. Again so many good flavors but nothing tasted the same. Mr. Lu was so hospitable, through even with a full restaurant he made sure that his special brand of Sushi was presented. I have had the pleasure to visit a lot of really good places but the next roll was something I had never seen. A true Japanese style box roll, It was called a “Yummy Roll” the unique thing about this was no Nori (Seaweed) to hold it together BBQ Eel Spicy crab and Avocado with five different sauces. We moved on to the “Heaven Roll” This was Spicy Baked White Tuna, Tempura Crab, Asparagus rolled in Soybean Paper (Yellow) You need to try this when you visit. Along with some Spicy Octopus and Conch baskets a couple of green Wasabi Bombs and some Ikura with Quail Egg on top we were about done. Then came dessert, a Fried Cheese cake, just what I needed! As always we want to thank Mr. Lu and his wonderful staff for such a great time, I look forward to going to the other location in Longwood.  They even deliver.

So when your out and about Orlando and you have a craving for some great Sushi stop in and see Mr. Lu at one of Bayridge Sushi’s two locations and as always tell'em Kapn Bone sent ya!!!

Bayridge Sushi Restaurant
 2189 E Semoran Blvd
Apopka, FL 32703
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