Surf Guru developed our Pushdown Ad unit to provide our advertisers with an unavoidable and highly visible opportunity to own a unique piece of above-the-fold property on the page. The Pushdown Ad unit begins as a 970x66 banner which expands automatically without user-interaction into a large 970x415 canvas that pushes down the page content. The Pushdown Ad unit grabs the user's attention and places your product or brand in the spotlight for 8 seconds before retracting back to 970x66.

The Pushdown Ad unit will only be displayed to a user 1 time per user per day and controls allow the user to open and close the unit at their will. The Pushdown Ad unit is a great way to gain a user's attention without interfering with their ability to navigate the page. The difference between the Pushdown Ad and a traditional expanding ad is that the page content itself is displaced and not just overlaid with the advertising unit.

Pushdown Ad Specs

Base Ad - 970 x 66

Maximum File Size: 40K
File Types: JPG, PNG
Expand Button Placement: Bottom Right
Expand Button Size: 81 x 18 pixels

Pushdown Panel Ad- 970 x 415

Maximum File Size: 60K
File Types: JPG, PNG
Close Button Placement: Top Right
Close Button Size: 81 x 18 pixels
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