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May Fishing Report

Story/Photos By Captain Chris Cameron

May Fishing Report
WOW, Probably the best cobia season we ever had in the last few years. Almost every day with a few nice fish. I hope ya’ll were lucky enough to get on them. Keep an eye out for the rays. Every manta we seen was loaded. now is also the time frame we start seeing them free swimming out on the reefs. While you’re out there slow trolling for kings, keep an eye out the back of the boat for that cobia trailing you. We always have several spinning rods ready, One has a circle hook for a live bait and the other has a buck tail tipped with a squid. They normally will not turn up either of those and if they do maybe you may get lucky and see if they eat that steel.  If your bottom fishing, keep an eye on what follows your fish up to the boat, especially with those sandbar sharks, we catch many cobes bringing those sandbars to the boat.
Good numbers of dolphin have been caught the last few weeks and should only increase this month. Start in the 90-120 foot range as many seem to think you have to go to 300 feet right off the get go. Start looking for color changes and temp breaks. Also, look for weed lines and currents, as that is a good place to start. I like to use smaller islander lures with small ballyhoo or strip baits. There’s definitely a difference in the bait you buy, look for the clean frozen looking ballyhoo, the freeze dried / white looking bait is not as good.
Kingfish will continue to do well this month too. Best bait is going to be the bunker. Start looking for them flipping near the cruise ship basin and as far as the steeple. Now that the water is warming up, live bait will be much more consistent. Flips and diving pelicans will give them away so will the pile of boats cast netting on each other. Don’t be greedy. If someone is struggling, help!
Shark fishing has been on fire as well. I know many say I don’t want to deal with sharks or you can’t eat them. You are completely wrong. On light tackle they are so much fun and blacktips are great to eat. Ever wonder why many restaurants are out of the shark kabobs? And I assure you, there’s no shark shortage. Just take what you will eat! No waste.
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May Fishing Report

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