Unique Custom Elevated Bowls

Local Artist Candace Markland of Palm Bay  is the creator of these amazing Elevated pet feeders and beds.  She sells her creations at the store front in the Renninger’s Flea and Farmers Market in Melbourne Florida.   You can also browse her collections online at http://uniquecustomelevatedbowls.com

Let me guess… you have searched all your local pet stores, venues, and even the Internet and still can’t find anything custom, unique, or attractive? Well you are not alone! In fact, that is the exact reason we decided to source UNIQUE CUSTOM ELEVATED BOWLS ©.

Every man’s best friend needs a Unique Custom Elevated Bowl (also known as doggie/kitty diners, or feeding station).
 Personalize it with your favorite photos, sports teams, and/or carved-in pet’s name… designs you and your pet are guaranteed to LOVE!
 We raise the bar for feeding time with our sleek, modern, and elevated feeders. By elevating your dog’s food and water source, you make feeding easier and less messy. This helps to customize the right bowl for your pet. Feeders come in single, double, and triple bowls… designed with the custom height for your pet desires.

Unique Custom Elevated Bowls are made with many types of exotic hard woods with/without color, and thick clear coat materials.

Removable dishwasher safe stainless steel, or crock style bowls make for easy clean up. Our durable Unique Custom Elevated Bowls will last  you many years to come.

Treat your furry BEST friend to the BEST!

Benefits to getting your furry best friend a Unique Custom Elevated Bowl…


* Hygiene*

Keeping the pets dining area clean is necessary to a sanitary and a healthy life.


*Superior Posture and More Relaxed Feeding*

Many pets have neck or back  pain, hip dysplasia, and/or arthritis.  Elevated dishes promote organic alignment of the body reducing effort while eating and drinking.  I may also  help to prevent any future problems. Best of all… your pet will THANK YOU!!!

Many pets with a condition known as  mega esophagus have a hard time swallowing food.  Using a raised dog feeder reduces the air your dog ingests, while eating and drinking. This will help avoid stomach bloat, which is the second leading death in dogs.

In bloat (Dilatation ) “petEducation.com”


*Cleanliness of the dining area*

Elevated dog and cat bowls help with keeping the food and water in the bowl… instead of on the floor. In order to facilitate swallowing, dogs tend to lift their heads after eating and drinking. As the dog raises his head, the water that don’t get swallowed will splash onto the floor.


*Truly Unique*

Our products stand out for the competition as truly hand crafted designs.  Unlike some of the competition that simply cuts holes into used boxes and adds cheap dishes, our bowls are made by hand in many different designs, colors, and materials.  All finishes are designed and tested to be non toxic and safe.

Unique Custom Elevated Bowls
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