The Brassie Grille, Aquarina Country Club’s 19th Hole

The Brassie Grille, Aquarina Country Club’s 19th Hole

Aquarina Golf and Country Club

Having lived in the area since 1983 I’ve seen a lot of places come and go. I myself operated the restaurant La Riviera here at Aquarina when there was a clubhouse on the beach, that was 1986. Back in those days Aquarina had croquet course, grass tennis courts but no golf. I am happy to say that times have changed. Aquarina has always done everything right, and Aquarina’s 19th hole is called The Brassie Grille. This is a small quaint and welcoming oasis after a round of golf. Equipped with an oversized wrap around bar with Stella on draft it’s an ambiance you want to be part of.

The course itself is always a challenge, boasting lots of water and wildlife. Personally I have seen huge, well fed gators along with bobcats, turtles, tortoises along with Ospreys, red tailed hawks and huge owls. When you golf here you also get a peek of a beautiful hammock and wetland, what old Florida looked like, a stunning view snap dab in the middle of the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge. Aquarina spent lots of time and money mixing its development with nature and it shows. As a longtime local, we appreciate this approach.

While Aquarina has been around a while, this newly redone restaurant and full bar, The Brassie Grille is the perfect compliment to the perfect day, whether taking in a round of gold or simply hitting the beach, you will appreciate the food, drink and ambiance chef Jeff has assembled. The menu always has fresh local fish such as grouper, snapper and mahi served as a sandwich, or a platter, and always priced right. On this particular day we met a very friendly Becky making her rounds in her full service golf cart and again inside at The Brassie Grille. The 3 dollar Stella beer seemed too good to be true as did the very flavorful sliders I could not pass up on. This is the kind of place as you approach you say out loud, what smells so good? Inside we were not disappointed and Becky, now behind the bar knew we were parched from our round.

Aquarina is a very nice experience in both golf, food and nature.  Their golf shop pro Tom is always very accommodating and while I cannot say I live at Aquarina, the way this place is run and the way it looks, I wish I did. Not stuffy like a stereo typical country club rather an inviting, upscale golf club with a view to rival the finest of places. I can say every time I’m there it’s a great experience. The restaurant has a very interesting rotation of special that keeps the residents and area locals returning often. Call ahead and arrange a tee time, and make sure to allow that extra time to stop and smell the roses, take in the scenery and hoist a cold one, have a snack or an entire meal. Snowbirds think of Aquarina as their little secret and who can blame them, that’s how I feel.

The Brassie Grille
Aquarina Country Club
7500 S. Highway A1A
Melbourne Beach, Florida 32951
Ph: 321-676-8923 The Brassie Grille, Aquarina Country Club’s 19th Hole
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