Pegs Jewels of Melbourne Beach

Hand Crafted Gold and Silver Jewelry

As a long time Melbourne Beach resident the local art shows are her favorites but Peggy Miller of Pegs Jewels does fine art shows all over Florida and all the way from here to New Jersey where she is originally from. Her work is unique, ever-changing and evolving with each show season featuring a new line of hand crafted gold and silver earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more ensuring that her clients are never bored. She's well known on the art show circuit and has received hundreds of awards over her 30+ years in the business. She was also included in Larks Publishing " SHOWCASE 500 NECKLACES" published last year...

Besides her love for creating jewelry Peggy is also an avid fisherwoman. When she breaks away from her studio she can frequently be found surf fishing. Her friends call her THE FISHER QUEEN and she has sponsored an annual womens' fishing tournament for many years.

To learn more about her work or to see her show schedule check out Peg's Jewels website: or visit her on Facebook... Pegs Jewels of Melbourne Beach
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