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Is the wisdom of experience the knowledge of generations!!! Here at Duque Cigar Company, our number one goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase…every time you shop with us. Our pledge to you is to maintain the best customer service and support in the cigar community. We know you have many places you can spend your money and we thank you for your business. Our Customer Support Associates have been trained by the best and supported by the latest technology to assure your experience with us is a great one! Our second goal here at Duque Cigar Company and online at Duquecigars.com is to put a fine hand rolled cigar in as many new hands as we can to keep the artistry alive. I know many of you have been smoking cigars for many years and I hope that we can help you save money and time in getting your regular smoke. We promise to do everything we can for you as a customer and for the cigar artistry itself.

Selecting a Cigar...
Today there are a larger variety of cigars than ever before. Selecting a cigar is the first and most important part of the experience. First, decide the level of body you are comfortable with. Strength for the sake of strength is overrated. A full body cigar should be felt in your stomach rather than in your throat or on your palate. The thickness of the wrapper leaf is a good measure of the body of a cigar. A thicker wrapper will generally deliver fuller body as it has a greater amount of oils. The thickness of the wrapper can be gauged by looking at the area where the wrapper overlaps in a cigar. Next, you will need to decide on a size. This should be determined by the amount of time you have available for smoking as well as the amount of smoke you enjoy. The large ring gauges (52-60) deliver large amounts of smoke and flavor. The medium ring gauges (43-50) are ideal for most blends as they are a good balance of smoke and flavor.

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