Can't advertise on Surf Guru because you don't have any ads or video to use? Relax, Surf Guru has assembled some of the best artists and developers in the area to create a true multi-media production team. From creating a simple banner ad to creating an entire internet marketing plan, Surf Guru can help you out with every step along the way.

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Graphic Design

More than likely all you really need are simple banner ads so you can advertise on and we can do that. However, if what you really need are animated banner ads that are to be part of a larger coordinated advertising campaign using print ads and online brochures, we can still handle that.

Video Production

Using some of the best equipment on the market today the Surf Guru video team is able to deliver top quality video whatever your needs may be. From a 15 second video pre-roll commercial to an hour long instructional video, Surf Guru has the capabilities to provide for you. Surf Guru can also provides script writing, shooting locations, and on screen personality to further simplify your video needs.

Audio Production

As we have said before, Surf Guru is not just online and on the streets, but also in the airwaves. incorporates many elements of a traditional radio station format and to that, Buddha brings over 15 years of broadcasting experience. To Surf Guru fans, Buddha's voice is instantly recognizable and can be a valuable asset to your product or brand.

Web Design & Marketing

Usually when you decide to give internet advertising a try, you really need a good website to back it up. Don't have one? That's OK, we can help you develop a website that will fit within your budget and give you the results you need. From a simple two page website to a fully robust e-commerce site, our team can tackle the job and beautifully capture your brand or business with style. Already have a website and just need some advice? The Surf Guru team has worked for and with many of the leading companies in the region and action sports community to develop and increase their online presence. We have the experience and knowledge about what can give you results and what does nothing but waste your money.

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