Is There A Minimum Ad Spend To Get Started?

Yes. All Banner Ads require a minimum purchase of 30,000 impressions per month with a 2 month minimum campaign run. Shorter ad runs rates are available upon request.

How Many Click Throughs Can I Expect?

The average Internet click through rate is 0.2% - 0.6% of your ad impressions and that number stands true with Surf Guru. Keep in mind that this rate can increase or decrease dramatically depending on the graphic appeal of the ad and the nature of services and/or products offered.

How Come I Don't See My Ads Displayed?

We rotate online advertisements using a banner managment application everytime a page is refreshed. It also allows multiple businesses to share the cost of the total number of page views on each page.

That's Great, But I Still Don't See My Ad?

Ads are displayed according to the number of impressions you purchased and the dates of your ad run. Your ad will be displayed evenly throughout the ad run a set number of times per day depending on the impressions you purchased. For example, if you purchased 25,000 impressions for 30 days, your ad will only be displayed 833 times per day for 30 days.

The best way to view your ad is to pick a page and keep refreshing the browser until you see your ad. Keep in mind, using the previous example, that on an average day there may be 20,000 page views on a single page and only 833 of them will have your ad. Since your ad will be evenly spread out throughout the day, you may have to try a couple of times throughout the day to see your ad if the traffic volume is high..

How Do I Get My Ad To Show Up More Often?

It's easy, just purchase more ad impressions.

Common Online Advertising Terms

Ad Rotate - When multiple ads are displayed in a single ad unit for a set period of time before it is replaced by another ad without a page refresh. (We don't do that...)

Banner - a graphic advertising image displayed on a Web page.

Click Through - When a user clicks on your advertisement to carry them to your web site, a coupon, or some other designated place on the internet.

Creative - The design and content of an ad unit, the ad itself.

CPM - The cost per thousand impressions, (M) being the roman numeral for thousand. This is how online banner ads are sold. For example: If the CPM rate is $10 and you want to get 10,000 impressions per month, the cost would be $100.

Flash™ - Adobe‘s vector-based rich media file format which is used to display interactive animations on a Web page.

Fold - The line below which a user has to scroll to see content not immediately visible when a Web page loads in a browser. Ads or content displayed "above the fold" are visible without any end-user interaction. Monitor size and resolution determine where on a Web page the fold lies.

GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) - a standard web graphic format which uses compression to store and display images and allows for simple animation.

Hit - The retrieval of any item, like a page or a graphic, from a website. For example, when a visitor views a Web page with four graphics, that's five hits, one for the page and four for the graphics. For this reason, hits aren't a reliable indication of Web traffic.

Impressions - The number of times your ad has been displayed.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) - Standard web graphic file format that uses a compression technique to reduce graphic file sizes

Page View - Each time a single user visits a Web page.

Unique Visit - Used to define a single user who has visited the website during a given period. Even if a user has been to the website multiple times during that time, it would only count as 1 unique visit.

Visit - The period of time a user interacts with a single website. The user session begins when the user enters the website and ends when the user quits or leaves the website.
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